1792 The Weaver's Draft Book

$ 12.00

Facsimile Reproduction from the Archives of the American Antiquarian Society. 

Reproduced from only the second known copy of the work, besides being a significant historical document, this little book can serve contemporary weavers who wish to expand their vocabulary of weaves. 18 designs for 4 shafts, 3 for 5 shafts, 23 for 6 shafts, 3 for 8 shafts and 5 for 10 shafts. Plus patterns for stockinets, birds-eyes, denims thicksets, satinets and more. Clearly and beautifully illustrated, the patterns can be interpreted easily.

Includes contextual essays "The "Mechanic," the Engraver, the Patron and the Publisher" by Caroline Sloat, Director of Scholarly Programs, American Antiquarian Society, and " Hargrove's Patterns in Contemporary Context" by Rita J. Adrosko, Curator Emerita, Textiles Collection National Museum of American History

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